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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  October 7, 2012 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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richard cordray is sending a strong message. hopefully wall street will listen. thanks for joining the conversation ts weekend. find me on facebook at facebook.c i read every message. have a great weekend. hello. i'm fredricka whitfield. you hear plenty of noise and lots of spin on the presidential campaign trail on the big issues, and you can expect we'll help you figure out where the candidates stand on issues that relate to the latino community in particular. we size up issue by issue how barack obama and mitt romney plan to tackle these key american challenges, but before we get to those, here's a look at top stories making news today. we start with a deadly
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shooting on an alabama college campus. a campus police officer shot and killed an 18-year-old freshman at the university of south alabama overnight. school officials say gilbert call lar was naked and acting ear rattically. he confronted the officer and rushed him stooimpls and ignored warnings. they say the officer shot the young man in the chest once. his friends say they're shocked at what happened. >> you could ask anyone that knew him. he was a great, loving guy. always made people smile. is not the kind of guy that people knew him and said he would do something like this. >> cnn legal contributor paul cowl lan says alabama law may come into play in this case down the road. >> alabama also has virtually the identical stand your ground law that florida has. so do you know that the officer in this case can probably say he was -- he felt that he was in danger of his life, and he was
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standing his ground and shooting? so i'm betting as this proceeds you may see that law that we've heard so much back in the case in florida rear it's ugly head now in alabama. >> the officer involved in the shooting has been put on administrative looeeave until t investigation is complete. to pennsylvania where the state's deputy attorney general and his wife are accused of svrly abusing two children they adoptd. police arrested douglas and kristin barber after the kids had a doctor's visit. investigators say the doctor noticed several fractures on the 18-month-old girl's head and the 6-year-old boy up appeared starved. the couple faces charges of assault and child endangerment. their attorney has not commented. all right. turning to international news now, it's election day in venezuela. people are going to the polls to vote for their next president. president hugo chavez is hoping to hold onto his power. his challenge this election is a centrist state governor.
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paula newton is live for us from caracas. paula, we hear there were lots of long lines outside the voting stations well before the doors even opened. how is it going? >> reporter: long lines including where hugo chavez voted. i'm not sure at our elections people wait that long, three, four, five six hours some people still in line. we are getting hints they have to keep the polls longer than 6:00 p.m., which is when they were scheduled to close locally. having sdz that, things were calm where hugo chavez was voting. he voted and there was quite a bit of commotion outside after that. what is clear here, fred, and this is important in this very tight race, he says that he will live by the result, whatever it is, if that means that even if it sweeps him out of office. take a listen. >> translator: none of you should have the least doubt we will recognize the results regardless of what they are.
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>> reporter: and what's also interesting, though, while this has been determined by the carter center right there in atlanta saying that, look, this is a transparent system and one of the most sophisticated voting system nts world we had a locality of people worrying about who you were voting for. now, i want you to hear from another young student voting for the first time. listen to what he told me. >> reporter: you do not want to say who you were voting? >> yeah, because the vote is secret. the important thing is that every venezuelan is going to vote and make his decision. >> reporter: so it's clear that voters here still feel like they'll be tainted if they are labeled as either with the opposition or with the government. what does that mean, fred? it can mean not getting into university or getting a job. >> is there any indication of when we might hear about these
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election results? >> reporter: it's going to be a late night for sure. what's different is the system is completely automated, but you don't count votes until 85 of the votes have returned. when you talk about long line-ups, fred, it could be a long night. >> thanks so much in carraacasc venezuela. hoping to build momentum following the presidential debat debates, president obama stumping in california, mitt romney also on the road after what many saw as a lackluster debate last week for the president in particular. he's hoping the new lower unemployment rate will give him a boost. the president is attending a fund-raiser in los angeles, and then he heads on to ohio. mitt romney in the meantime is spending the weekend in florida where yesterday he spent much of the day preparing for the next debate. it's a must-win state if he wants to capture the white house. and, of course, you don't want to forget that the vice presidential debate is this thursday.
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joe biden and paul ryan squaring off. our cnn coverage begins at 7:00 eastern time. all right. some news for your car out there. honda is recalling 268,000 crvs, its popular suv, model years 2002 to 2006. they say there's a faulty window stwich in the driver's side door, and if it gets wet it can start fire. no crashes or injuries have been reported but honda knows a four-switch fires. space travel will be a business with a launch tonight. spacex wilt pd send the first privately contracted mission to the international space station. launch time is 8:30 p.m. eastern time. spacex successfully demonstrated it could do the job back in may when it docked a capsule with the space station. tonight's launch is the first of many under a $1.6 billion contract with nasa. latino voters are vital to
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president obama and mitt romney in the upcoming election. we're looking at the issues that will most impact their votes. online outfit piccolo headphones buy now broadway show megapixels place to sleep little roadster war and peace deep sea diving ninja app hipster glasses 5% cash back sign up to get 5% everywhere online through december. only from discover.
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...and we inspected his brakes for free. -free is good. -free is very good. [ male announcer ] now get 50% off brake pads and shoes at meineke. the vice presidential candidates meet in kentucky for their first and only debate. biden and ryan couldn't be further apart on the issues, but they both love to debate. i spoke with candy crowley our political correspondent about the race and what to expect. >> the vice presidential debate this week, a couple of your guest this is morning summed up the candidates this way. >> paul is a smart guy.
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he has committed his life to understanding the problems of our economy, presenting a plan for the american people. so i think that paul is going to do -- is going to do a great job. >> vice president biden will do very, very well. he knows what's been going on. he's in touch with with the american public. and i'm just hopeful that mr. ryan will tell the truth. >> it's a one-shot deal. they've got to get it right on this debate. likely what are they focusing on in their rehearsals? >> well, i mean, joe biden told us he's focusing on paul ryan's economic plan as he introduced to the house last or the year before, because they think that is fertile territory to find a lot of ways to try to paint mitt romney and paul ryan as, you know, against the middle class and taxing the middle class. i think joe biden is going to wrap mitt romney and paul ryan
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as tightly together as possible and just sort of drop the ryan plan on top it to try to implode the pair. they think that is good ground. as far as paul ryan is concerned, i think he is kind a policy wonk. his problem is he's a numbers guy, and he's up against frankly and i think both runs previous head of the republican party and michael nutter both said that joe biden is a very accessible politician. he tends to put things the way that people get it immediately. he's just got that kind of manner about him. i think that's the -- in some ways, you know, we look at the substance and style. as far as style is concerned, i think paul ryan's fear here is he's too much of a wonk sxort of throwing out numbers. you know, you can expect joe biden to say, gee, i took a look at your numbers and here's what they would do to george next
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door. ryan has to be careful about that kind of debate. >> the next presidential debate, you're moderating october 16th. likely these candidates, president obama, mitt romney are looking over the tapes, make they've exhausted it looking over the tapes, what went right and wrong. you have to wonder how they might be modifying their presentations ahead of that debate. >> one thing i know for sure and that is that if he was not aware ahead of time and he probably was and forgot, the president now knows that these debates are generally take in split screens. that is, just because the other guy is talking doesn't mean you're not on camera. there was a lot of discussion about how the president looked and how he seemed disengaged and looked down and wouldn't look at mitt romney. i don't think that's going to up happen. i think it will be slightly easier in this debate for the two of them because there are actual people in the town hall meeting style. >> thanks so much, candy crowley
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there. check her out every sunday morning at cnn's state of the union, 9:00 a.m. eastern time. so we're 30 days until day, and this hour we look at issues that matter most particularly to la teen knee voters. they came out strong for president obama in the last election, and people don't want their votes taken for granted. >> reporter: imt grants out of the shadows wants their voices heard, their concerns on the agenda. tell me why you're here tonight. >> we're hear asking both of the candidates to look at immigration in a more humane sense, because none of them are doing so. >> reporter: as the debate began, latino students hoped to hear something that spoke to them. they never got it. >> i don't know. they haven't hit on too many issues i'm passionate about.
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i'm still waiting to hear. >> reporter: what are you passionate about? >> i would definitely say immigration, education. >> for the president who won 61% of colorado's latino votes in 2008, that same energy for many lat tinos isn't there. >> four years ago, barack obama i had his back. he invest speak to me. now i hear the sam rhetoric i heard four years ago. >> reporter: still there are 400,000 latino votes in play across the state. both sides courting them heavily. >> translator: mr. president, how are you? >> that's mr. president speaking to a radio show last might reaching latinos across the state. you find yourself in the middle of presidential politics. tell me about that. >> i think it underlines the importance of the hispanic population. >> as for governor romney
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everyone but the candidate himself so far has been on the show. with a margin of victory here to be tiny, both sides want to win over businessmen like sergio. >> we met in may, you were undecided voter then. today? >> still am. >> how is that possible? >> well, i haven't heard from any of the candidates anything that would make me choose one of them right now. >>. >> reporter: he doesn't believe either candidate can do much to improve the economy, but he's waiting for one of them to say something concrete about how to fix immigration. >> i have friends with family members that are now illegally here in the country. there is no solution in sight. >> reporter: two more presidential debates to go. latinos here will be watching closely. miguel marques, cnn, denver. >> if you want to understand exactly where president obama and governor challenger romney stand on immigration, we have an
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interactive site to check out. >> if someone were to go online and fi out exactly where president obama and mitt romney stand on immigration, you might stomaumble on two headlines. another one says this. no real differences between presidential candidates on immigration. so which is it? are they exactly the same or completely different from each other? there's a lot of confusion over where the candidates stand when it comes to immigration. i want to show you a very strong starting point to dig in on their promises, their records and their assert shionsassertio. this is it right here. if you go there we have an entire section that focuses on issue. you'll see there's a left rail that lets you click on whatever issue is important to you. foreign policy, education, abortion, or immigration. i want to show you an example of some of the kinds of things you can learn about if you look at
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what we've got here online. i'm not pretending to summarize the entire race where everyone stands on it. a few points from president obama and mitt romney, you can learn more about these online. president obama's plan halting deportations of many young people. also, the way he's been criticized from the left as well as the right for an overall lack of reform. mitt romney pushes this high-tech fence, and you can see how he's been criticized for lack of specifics on his reform plan. you can also learn where that border fence stands. now, even if you think you already know who you will vote for, which a lot of voters across the country do, it's still good and important to know where they stand on the issues most important to you and to hold you to promises. that's where their websites kick in. you don't have to write it down. both president obama and mitt romney have entire policy positions on immigration they laid out online. what this does for us in my industry is gives us a play to
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follow their promises that whoever becomes a president can be held to the promises. the cnn political ticker has breaking political news all the time, in and out, every day. we have an entire section there that's all about immigration. so when you hear a new ashert s assertion or change where a candidate stands, we will have it for you. everything right here is linked up at twitter and facebook. while we talk about that, i want you to know something on twitter. i have it #rtfacts. i'm using this to get you hard facts. the presidential debate made it so clear how desperately this is needed for falsehoods and muddled conversation that leave millions confused as to what is going on. join me at that hash tag.
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the more we learn about whaez candidates promise to do and b, what's actually been down, the better off we all are as voting publics. >> absolutely. thanks so much helping to keep us informed. we go to new york to show you how one ethnic group is gaining influence and building success. if you have to go out today, a reminder, you can watch cnn from your mobile phone and watch cnn live from your laptop. just go to ♪
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latinos are a diverse group. many mexicans find mat han at that time immigrant friendly but rich with opportunity. >> this store is called escondido, hipden. but the mexican wares it sells are no hid insecret. >> you see more sxr more frukts in cheeses and interesting mexican chocolate. you see the changing demograp c demographics of people demanding higher quality products. >> these are so popular they're not just fetching top dollar,
1:23 pm
they've begun accepting pesos. >> we expect them as a way to provide a public service to the people coming to the shop. >> mexicans have also taken manhattan, moving in where puerto ricans and dominicans once han beauty shops. >> there was a lot of dominicans and pouerto ricans working in factory. some are now store owners, cell phone players, dealers. they moved up the same way someone from mexican do it here. >> mexican births will outpace dominicans and puerto ricans in new york. while more dominicans are moving out. >> mexicans are now willing when they come straight from mexico to take lower-paying jobs and to endure some of the exploitations
1:24 pm
the dominicans endured years ago. rodrigo finds new york immigrant friendly and rich with opportunity. he began work inning new york's kitchens at age 6, then sold tacos off a cart. a taco truck, a taco stanld and tacos to go and now he's the owner of four mexican restaurants. >> you have to work very hard, and we never expect to be that successful as we are doing right now. >> soledad o'brien, cnn. 50,000 latinos in the u.s. turn 18 every month. a tremendous poll of possible vote thaers that both parties k can help them win the next election. one problem? latinos in this country are increasingly unsatisfied with what they hear from both sides. cnn follows the fight to win back this essential voting bloc. watch the documentary special
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[ male announcer ] at&t. the nation's largest 4g network. now covering 3000 more 4g cities and towns than verizon. at&t. rethink possible. hoping to build momentum for his campaign, president barack obama stumps in california today after what many saw as a lackluster debate last week. he's hoping the new lower unemployment rate will give him a boost. the president is attending a fund-raiser in los angeles, and then he heads to ohio. mitt romney is spending the weekend in florida where yesterday he spent much of the day preparing for the next debate.
1:29 pm
it's a must-win state to capture the white house. jim acosta is traveling with romney for us. >> reporter: fred, mitt romney is wrapping up a three-day campaign sweep through florida. the part was in debate prep and this is in port st. lucie, florida in front of an estimated crowd of 12,000 people. of course, over the last couple of days we heard mitt romney continue this victory lap after what was widely perceived to be a big victory in that first presidential debate. earlier this morning on the sunday talk shows, top obama campaign strategists went after mitt romney accusing him of making false statements. today in port st. lucie he fired about. >> you heard his answers or nonanswers. of course days later we hear his excuses, and next january we'll be watching him leave the wlous for the last time. >> reporter: next romney heads
1:30 pm
to virginia for a major foreign policy speech at the virginian military institute. after that the gop nominee will campaign in more critical battleground states like ohio and iowa. fred. >> thanks so much, jim. for both presidential campaigns, this week could turn out to be as much of a roller coaster ride as last week was since jobs and the economy are what a lot of voters are worried about. i asked dana millbank of the "washington post," between the debate and new jobs numbers, which is the game-changer? >> well, if you asked it before the jobs numbers came out, fredricka, you certainly would say that this changed the fundamentals of the campaign. however, the jobs numbers very quickly erase some of that. we'll begin to say as poll numbers come out whether it had a more lasting impact. you have to remember there's two more debates to come and a vice presidential debate coming up in just came can a couple of days.
1:31 pm
this race has a common thread that's been going through it all along. that's been called into question stwha. i don't think we're at a point where things have fundamentally altered. >> both candidates were dirch want people during the debate. there was an unveiling for both of them, so to speak. you write today in the "washington post" that president obama may be the deficit for him was he's out of practice. what do you mean? >> well, look, people have come up with all kinds of explanations, and i particularly like al gore's notion that the altitude was too high for the president. in this case you see almost all incumbent presidents have a difficult time. they spent four years in the white house being cloistered around not challenged bir their aides, by lawmakers or anybody else or the press trying to ask questions. in obama's case that's been difficult because he set all kinds of modern records for
1:32 pm
avoiding the press, avoiding news conferences and chances to mix it up with the press. when you're not being kept on your toes, getting skeptical, even hostile questions regularly, you get out of practice and those muscles aatrophy. that may have contributed to what he was so flat and sweel see if he can get back into the game of being challenged. >> the flipside to that, romney seizes what he thinks is a great opportunity, the economy. it was like he was in the boardroom, but now you wonder if all of that will change as a result of the numbers that we saw. is he going to have to modify his narrative? >> well, fredricka, he modifies his narrative every time we see him. he was very effective in the debate in denver because he presented an agenda entirely different from the agenda he presented through the primaries and even in the general election up until now.
1:33 pm
the etch-a-sketch appeared. does he get away with that? does the vice president in this week's debate say which one is it? you said this last week and last month. you said this six months ago. you know, he will be called in some way to account for that. the improved jobs number doesn't change the economy fundamentally but adding a wrinkle in there and which message does romney choose to present and how does he clean that up versus the other things he said. >> the vice presidential contend er ers, the vice president and contender have one shot with their debate this week. what's your expectation for them. >> i think it should be terrific, because they're both substantive guys and both really sharp. you know, biden is famous for putting his foot in his mouth, but not generally during debates. he's quite good at that. paul ryan enjoys mixing it up. we're talking about mixing it up with reporters. paul ryan enjoys doing that. i think you'll see these guys in a nice traditional debate, and
1:34 pm
i'm getting my popcorn ready. it should be good. >> all right. dana millbank of the "washington post" thanks so much. don't miss the next political face-off, the duel in danville, kentucky, joe biden and paul ryan go at it thursday evening. our coverage begins at 7:00 p.m. eastern time. preaching politics from the pulpit, p if it happens churche risk losing tax-exempt status. many religious leaders across the country challenge the law anyway. find out why. he
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. they're calling for the defate of president obama and so-called unbiblical candidates. organizers hoped as many as 1500 pastors across the country would take part today. dan gilgoff joins us from washington to tell us more about what's happening here. dan, who is behind this, and what causes a candidate to be defined as "unbiblical" say some of the pastors? >> there's a conservative evangelical group called alliance defending freedom that organized the event today. what's really kind of incredible about it is this the third year they are challenging pastors to speak out for or against political candidates. what started a few dozen churches participated. this year today there were 1400 pastors who say they are participating. of course, the other big thing about this year that's different is there's a presidential election going on. so that the consequences of a mass number of preachers making
1:39 pm
political endorsements are, of course, a lot more dramatic because the white house is hanging in the balance. >> is this considered, you know, a case of religious principle or a political statement being made? >> i think it depends where you sit, because for the pastors who are participating in today's event, pull prit freedom sunday, they're almost all conservative. they might be all conservative, in fact. they would say the bible translates into conservative politics because of stances against abortion, against gay marriage, for religious liberty. of course, there are hundreds and thousands of other churches who see it differently. it would translate religion and christianity in particular in progressive politics around helping the poor or preserving the environment. the entire movement emerging that is challenging the irs, that is defying the ban on political endorsement is a conservative movement. >> those behind the campaign are
1:40 pm
already daring the irs on to sue them. here's what the laws ths, a tax-exempt religious organization is a legal entity that did not participate in or sbemp in any political campaign on behalf of any candidate for public office. so has any church or any one faced a penalty as a result? >> there are very occasional penalties. really it seems like a handful every year, but there's not a wide number by any stretch. what you say is exactly right. this is an attempt by a conservative networks of pastors and lawyers to really challenge this law. the law dates back to 1954. it's been on the books now for over 60 years, and what they want to do is to get a church penalized so they can challenge the law and take this to court and attempt to get this ban overturned. we'll see if it works. >> so i guess is the interpretation as to why the irs or no other government agency has engaged in this is because
1:41 pm
they don't want to feel entrapped since it appears as those these pastors or churching are actually taunting the government to take action? >> there are different theories about why the irs has been lax on enforcement from different sides. you know, some say that they don't want to get in trouble from churches and get a democratic administration, say, with president obama in trouble with the clurhurches by threateg them. others don't have enough agents to enforce this law. it's unclear because the riirs so mum and when they penalize it's done privately, it's unclear about how much enforcement there really is. it's expected there's little, and exactly why the enforcement is so lax. it's a big, outstanding question. >> all right. dan gilgoff, a religion editor. thanks so much. >> thanks, fred. >> you can see more of this story on our belief blog at
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we're 30 days until election day, and this hour we look at issues that matter most particularly to latino voters. they're trying to appeal to as many latinos as possible, especially in florida. ed lavandera has more on why winning this vote won't be easy. >> reporter: roll out the maiachi band and a few dancers and sprinkle in politicians and you have a rally courting latino
1:46 pm
voters, right? that doesn't work like it used to. in fact they have a name for it, mariachi events. you have the hispanics behind and the mariachis and it seems like they're reaching for something and trying to portray an image that really is not there. the photo with the president on my last day. >> leonard rodriguez coordinated latino voter outreach for president bush's presidential campaigns. we met in his san antonio home. >> how do they appear to pander to the voting bloc? >> talking one way to a freed predominantly white group of individuals and going into the next event and talking to a group of hispanic individuals. it forces the candidate to look out there and know he's not talking a delivering a message to bring two groups of people together. >> television ads offer a snapshots to president obama's
1:47 pm
and mitt romney's strategy to court latino voters. the obama campaign is uggla tino celebrities targeting specific issues like education, immigration and even the appointment of sonya soto meyer as the first spanish justice on the supreme court. the romney campaign is using family. mitt romney's son, craig, who speaks fluent spanish, talking about american values and bipartisanship. this is the chief marketing officer of the strategies. he analyzes the marketing strategies and see obama and romney targeting specific groups in the latino communities. romney chasing the conservative cuban-american vote and obama focusing on puerto rican avotes. to get the message, it doesn't have to be delivered in spanish. >> the latino community is not
1:48 pm
monolithic. you have to reach latinos not only in language but also in culture. >> recent polls show president obama has a commanding lead among latino voters nationwide, but it's the latino in battleground states like nevada, colorado and florida thatmitt romney needs to win over. the fight is on. ed lavandera, cnn, san antonio texas. latinos say republicans are not doing enough for their community. w we'll take a lookt why. with a deadline. and from national. because only national lets you choose any car in the aisle... and go. you can even take a full-size or above, and still pay the mid-size price. this is awesome. [ male announcer ] yes, it is, business pro. yes, it is. go national. go like a pro.
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all right. we've been talking about the issues that matter to latino voters mplt it could be pivotal on election day, and both democrats and republicans angling for votes, but some are putting pressure on leaders in their own party commanding them to do more outreach while focusing less on immigration. soledad o'brien has followed both parties for a year in nevada. >> the presidential candidates come out here to win the west. >> in october 2011 the republican presidential candidates rolled into town with their money and their message.
1:52 pm
>> herman cain let me start with you. would you build an entire fence aalong the entire border and have it be electrified? >> i would build a double-walled fence. >> there's tough talk on immigration. >> you have enough border patrol officers to see the magnets and turn off the magnets like tuition breaks or other breaks that draw peel into the country illegal. >> we have conva question in th audience. >> this is a republican voter anxious to ask the question on the min of many latino voters. >> we have 50 million latinos and not all are illegal. what is the message from you guys to our latino community? >> is it a tough thing to be republican and latino here? >> yes, it is. >> how so? >> i have to all the time defend the party. sort of like that's not all of us. our community is not only about immigration. they also want jobs. they want a better education for
1:53 pm
their kids. >> what's the message we take. >> hours after zavala is pressing his own party's leaders for answers. >> you're latino leaders in here, but we don't know how to reach them out there. >> we need you out here talking to us. >> this republican shares his sdis satisfaction. >> the republican leadership has to send a message it to our community. >> what's your frustration with the republican party? >> they don't see what hispanics go through every day and how is it that the other party is taking advantage of at that that. they don't see it as a problem. >> you think the republicans aren't fighting for your vote? >> exactly. >> cecelia wants to fight for the votes and is pushing the gop leadership to join her and take it to the community. >> i never saw them being out there and express their voices, you know. imt not afraid to tell people what i stand for.
1:54 pm
so i wanted to be with me out there with me trying to teach the population. >> cnn follows the fight to win back this essential voting bloc. watch the documentary special "latino in america: courting their vote" tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern time. a young latino nascar drive is burning up the track. his story and how he got there. if you have to go out today, you can continue watching cnn from your mobile phone and watch cnn live from your laptop. just go to at shell, we believe the world needs a broader mix of energies. that's why we're supplying natural gas to generate cleaner electricity... that has around 50% fewer co2 emissions than coal. and it's also why, with our partner in brazil, shell is producing ethanol - a biofuel made from renewable sugarcane. >>a minute, mom! let's broaden the world's energy mix. let's go.
1:55 pm
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bad news for drivers in california, the average cost is $4. $4.61. national average shyer at 3.81 a gallon. what is driving up the cost? some is chalked up to refineries being shut down on the west coast, and some of it to trading in commodity markets. all righ he is one to watch. burning up the track on the nascar circuit, and the young latino american says he has many to thank for the opportunity. meet sergio pena. >> he has so much aadrenaline rushing lieu your body and you're concentrate odd hitting every mark and making sure everything is protect.
1:58 pm
my name is sergio pen na. i'm colombian and i'm a nascar driver. >> he's raced professionally since he was 13, moto cross, go carts and formula cars, you name it. now he's working his way up the nascar ranks. seeing the potential, nascar officials enrolled pena in their drive for diversity program, a program designed to give minorities a chance to compete, gain experience and exposure. >> the program did just that for me. i had a great two years there. they put my name on the map. they gave me great opportunities. i learned a lot. >> pena learned enough to land a big-time sponsor much to the dila delight of his father, who spent over $1 million to fund his son's efforts over the years. >> everything you make to try to dump it into the sport hoping that he would get a shot at it. i wouldn't change a thing. the economy is tough, but if i had to do it again, i think i would do it again, you know. >> i am so thankful that my dad put such an effort into my career.
1:59 pm
i wouldn't do it without him. it has put a huge toll on my family, but now, you know, all of our hard work seems to be paying off. >> a great support system and the right opportunities get you so far. pena still has to deliver, and he has. >> his family has given everything they had to put him in a position to be in the equi equipment he's in today, but sergio has done quite a bit of work as well. he has to perform. sergio's been able to get the job done the on the racetrack. >> last year he was tied for most wins in his series, and he finished fifth overall in points. he's eager and hungry to get it the next level. >> i really hope to be in the sprint cup series, and if not, one of the top three series, especially the nationwide. i hope to be competing out there with the big names. >> as for bringing more diversity to nascar, pena says the building blocks are there. >> the african-americans, latinos and ink